Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Magento Theme Installation Tutorial

Magento Theme Installation Tutorial

Magento is usually an incredibly potent as well quick developing online store software, manufacture by Varian. It's a amazing open-source platform employing Zend PHP and MySQL databases. Magento provides excellent mobility by means of its modular structures is utterly scalable and contains a wide range of control alternatives that its customers enjoy.
Pacific Web Technology displays how to deploy magento theme in your magento store. Fortunately Magento theme integration is actually fast and simple course of action. Magento theme installation might be set up within couple of different ways:

ü  Install Magento themes using magento connect
ü  Install Magento themes manually

Install Magento themes using magento connect:
Installing themes using magento connect is very easy. The very first thing is always to choose the template you wish to have set up. There is numerous totally free cost versions are avail for rapid installation by means of Magento connect. You need to ensure that you selected theme which is appropriate for your store that you are applying.

Once you have chosen the template please enroll a new account in magento connect or registered user log in to Get Extension Key. You should find the accurate extension key, so that it works along with your Magento connect version. For anyone who running Magento 1.5 and above version you need extension key for Magento connect version 2.0 like vice.
After getting extension key for the new theme, now log in to your magneto admin panel and then navigate to System > Magento connect > Magento connect manager.

Type your username and password to log in magento connects manager. Now paste the key in the empty field next to "Paste extension key to install:" and press Install:

Then click proceed to install that theme. Now you may able to see the installation details in Magento connect output frame.
Next step is to activate the theme so that it would visible in frontend. Now press Return to Admin (located at top of Magento connect Manager) to return admin page. Then navigate to System > Design. To integrate new theme Click Add Design Change:

In Custom Design drop-down menu please select the new theme.

Now click Save to save the new theme change. You would get confirmation message in green colored highlight box as "The design change has been saved" on same page.
At last flush Magento cache in order to view the new theme on your store's frontend and enjoy your new magento theme.

Install Magento themes manually:
Now let's have looked at How to install a Magento theme manually. Integrating themes manually is not that much complicated either. The subsequent ways describes you throughout the way to deploy magento theme in easy and quick approach.

1.  Select theme and Download
By Google we of course can be found with thousands of good magento themes.  Several theme designers supply their themes as archives. Many templates are usually free while some are premium; probably we have to decide corresponding to our needs. Whatever the options, you would finally supply with a file in .zip format. Now download it to your computer and unzip it.

2. Upload New Magento Theme
After unzipping your theme, usually you may find two or three folders like
Some templates include /js folder and some images that go with the theme, media.
All you need to do to install a magento theme from a file is to upload the entire above folder to your Magento installation directory.

3. Enable New Magento Theme
To activate your new theme login to your magento admin panel and navigate to system > Configuration. Now click Design on the left menu tab. Then press Themes tab to expand. There you may find five different fields in it namely:

Translations, Templates, Skin (Images/CSS), Layout, Default

In above fields you have to add your theme name. Among this "Translation" field is to be kept blank unless you are using an alternate language.
For instance if your theme name is pacific, enter "pacific" into the templates, skin, Layout and Default fields and click Save Config. Now flush Magento cache, then go to main page of your store and cherish your New Magento Theme.

Above steps would assist you with installing Magento themes both using Magento connect and manually. If you discover any kinds of troubles fell free to contact Pacific Web Technology any moment and we would clarify all your doubts and issues in integrating magento themes.

Friday, 11 October 2013


Magento Experts could know that recent checkout is not more inviting when compared to others. This checkout makes numerous customers turn out abandoning their orders. The linear view originally seems to be good; however upcoming number of years all people will get familiar with its intricate and a lesser amount of flexible interface in which only doesn’t complete the work. To overcome this kind of case as well as make one page checkout with more user friendly interface PACIFIC WEB TECHNOLOGY offered a layer of CSS code which can make the existing up and down see pattern to a horizontal screen along with superior bars.

Magento Horizontal Chekout
Magento Horizontal Checkout

Magento Horizontal Checkout consist of more important factors as well as renovated this sorts to generate much better area obtaining single column elements. This particular construction may well be more different of a kind and desirable matter is that has been thoroughly designed throughout CSS codes. The benefit may perhaps extends approximately basic set up just by incorporating CSS for a present template, more comfortable for you to which usually fits your own design as well as cross browser compatible.

The above URL consist of CSS codes which is to be added into our Magento style CSS page to customize ordinary checkout into attractive Magento Horizontal Checkout.

Friday, 4 October 2013



Nowadays e-commerce solution is very efficient, due to the fact it’s gratifying the consumer and Sellers in all issues with business on the net. Typically the most popular amongst several e-commerce solutions is MAGENTO in fact it is developing a good position on globe involving web business. Magento is an Open source e-commerce solution and it’s a unique program which acquiring excellent characteristic. Here are some benefits that are engaged in Magneto e-commerce development.

Affordable Cost open source:
When you use devoted Magento developer there is some preliminary set up price that includes Theme Integration, Hosting cost, Domain registration etc., the benefits following this is the quite big in which programmer can easily obtain the source code to develop or perhaps adjust the website.

Customer Friendly:
Customer connections and support services can be quickly conducted with the help of Magneto. Magento delivers massive customer care services. Some of Magento's salient features are account creation, customized form, currency conversion and different language options. Along with that vendors can easily produce catalogues, add product pictures, review products, manage stock, purchases, shipping specifics and also established distinct payment technique.

Easy Marketing with Promotional tools:
Virtually any e-commerce web development by Magento is actually easily optimized since Magneto is very Search Engine Optimization friendly. You can also combine The Google Analytics pertaining to traffic examination as well as to discover buyer behavior with the site. Within Magento, there are several marketing as well as discount choice similar to upwards advertise as well as mix advertise to boost purchase value. Moreover, it offers fixable prices choices, which generate excellent brings throughout income as well as marketing.


Before commencing, you might inquire for yourself that why magento? Simply because there are various associated with creative options readily available in the profession. Nevertheless it's impossible to possibly be as ready as Magento can be. Because it is an open resource system hence reduces the cost of development drastically.

PACIFIC WEB TECHNOLOGY offers highly skilled Magento developers can handle understanding your requirements thus bring on the table with very much desired alternatives for you. Many of us look after ones ease thus supply you with a flexible settlement process along with do work on very reasonably priced charges. Pacific Magento developer team is specific towards offering you the quality services within your total cost.

Our experts Magento Store Developer provides a range of services like magento template design, magento customization service, magento theme integration for your custom e-commerce websites. We also create risk-free payment integration methods and Shipping methods to assistance in your comfort. We would not abandon your site after designing it but we would take a entire proper care of its maintenance and management. If essential, then we would offer you website promotion and SEO services to ensure much better business for your portals. Hire Magento Website Developer and stuff all your complete troubles on us.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Grand Recruitment for Magento Developers with ON-SITE Opportunity in Pacific Web Technology at Madurai

 Pacific web technology publishes Magnificent Gateway for Magento Developers with acute knowledge in Magento CMS

Skills Required:

* Strong Knowledge in Magento CMS
* Knowledge in php, Jquery, HTML, CSS, MySQL
* Self motivated and able to handle project as individual with management skills
* Able to work in client office at Chennai
* ON-SITE opportunity also available

Qualifications: Any UG/PG with 2 years of experience in Magento CMS platform

Salary: Negotiable

Contact Details:

Contact Person: Mr. Jegan,
Contact Number: 9944334404,
Venue No: 35/15, Jawahar 1st street,
Near Krishna kudil apartment,
Mail Your Resume:
Time: 11:00am to 5.30pm

Thursday, 26 September 2013


Magento is an effective and stylish raising e-commerce software system to sustain online shop with spectacular versatility. It comes out with variety of sources, essential for creating a fully fledged web store.  Magento provides huge array of features which insist coupon codes, special price details, statistical reviews and SEO promotion options.


For effortless product purchase magento comprises of several images for independent products, options for comprehensive views, we can analyze different kinds of products using compare products options, wishlists, etc., Payments section in magento can be done by various options like credit cards, PayPal, Google Checkout, checks money orders, Shipping process supports FedEx, DHL, USPS, UPS XML and UPS. It also extends upto flat rate shipping and shipping to multiple addresses.

One of the finest options in magento is its 100 percent search engine friendly with Google Sitemap support. Magento also got integrated with Marketing promotion options and Tools like coupons, discounts and different promotion options.


PacificWeb Technology, the professional Magento development company flourishes solutions for all sorts of magento development difficulties. Being expert in MagentoDevelopment Company our passionate team of magento developers are experts in creating magento web applications with clients requirements, competitive range and with better quality.
Pacific Web Technology's Magento Development Services insists:

   ü  Designing Magento Templates
   ü  Magento ecommerce Development
   ü  Integration of Payment Gateway
   ü  Customizing Shipping Methods
   ü  CMS Page Integration
   ü  Magento Module Development


Pacific provides clients with Magento shopping Cart development, Magento Ecommerce development and Magento development in best and affordable price. The customization and development solutions which we offer furnished an edge to customers and our competitors in market.  Are you seeking for flexible, efficient and affordable Magento design and development to get your company business online? Then sure Pacific WebTechnology might help you in creating and Customization Magento web applications development works.