Friday, 11 October 2013


Magento Experts could know that recent checkout is not more inviting when compared to others. This checkout makes numerous customers turn out abandoning their orders. The linear view originally seems to be good; however upcoming number of years all people will get familiar with its intricate and a lesser amount of flexible interface in which only doesn’t complete the work. To overcome this kind of case as well as make one page checkout with more user friendly interface PACIFIC WEB TECHNOLOGY offered a layer of CSS code which can make the existing up and down see pattern to a horizontal screen along with superior bars.

Magento Horizontal Chekout
Magento Horizontal Checkout

Magento Horizontal Checkout consist of more important factors as well as renovated this sorts to generate much better area obtaining single column elements. This particular construction may well be more different of a kind and desirable matter is that has been thoroughly designed throughout CSS codes. The benefit may perhaps extends approximately basic set up just by incorporating CSS for a present template, more comfortable for you to which usually fits your own design as well as cross browser compatible.

The above URL consist of CSS codes which is to be added into our Magento style CSS page to customize ordinary checkout into attractive Magento Horizontal Checkout.